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If you need Best Solar Panels then you need to choose Right Solar Installers

Now a day’s many people are shifting towards renewable sources of energy which isn’t good for environment only, it’s good for economy too. Generally customers won’t buy solar panels directly. Instead they work with Solar Energy companies, such as our Solar Corona Energy, who will provide solar panels and other equipment and install the solar system.
Once you’ve made the decision to install a solar system to reduce your electricity bill and decrease your environment footprint, the next step is choosing reputable solar installers.
Look for a solar energy company in your area As solar energy is gaining popularity on homes and businesses, the prevalence of installation companies is increasing to meet the demand. But not all solar installers can provide the expertise, high-quality workmanship, and reliable customerservice to ensure your system performs efficiently to provide the highest return on investment.

It’s important that you hire a professional solar installer who knows what solar works …

Katti Hospital Project

We Solar Corona Energy ( have installed 25kW solar power panels on the rooftop of katti hospital which is located in Bagalkot. The modules are spread over entire roof of the hospital which provides complete lightning to the hospital throughout the day. This reduces the electricity bill for hospital management people.

Rooftop Solar for Hospitals Overview Hospitals both in urban and rural areas consume a lot of energy throughout the day as they require uninterrupted power for electrical equipment to treat patients.
Most of the hospitals have considerable unused rooftop space. Due to lack of power and rising cost of diesel, rooftop solar power makes a compelling case for implementation in hospital. There are several advantages but also several constraints that need to be considered when deciding on and designing a rooftop solar power system for a hospital.
Advantages Hospitals that utilize solar PV panels will be able to save some money every year since they will be cutt…

Best Solar Power Plants Installers in Bangalore

SOLAR CORONA ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED is the leading solar power plant Installation Company in India. We offer the best solution & construction of solar power plant across India.

SOLAR CORONA ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED incorporated in August 2014.

The objective of the company is to establish India as a global leader in Solar Energy.

We have completed more than 100 projects (aggregative to 5000kWp) of installing Solar power systems plants in the range kWp to MWp for Residential, Industrial, Institutional both for Roof and Ground Mounting.

Pavanadarshi Green Powers

We have Installed a 1.1 MWp Solar Ground Mounted PV Power Plant under Farmer's-Owned Policy in Pavagada, it is Synchronized with Central Inverter Technology to Nagalamadike Sub-Station, it is Spread all over 4.5 Acres Land and has been Successfully Commissioned and plant is Generating about 17.17 Lakh Units Annually. For more information visit