Katti Hospital Project

We Solar Corona Energy (http://coronaenergy.co) have installed 25kW solar power panels on the rooftop of katti hospital which is located in Bagalkot. The modules are spread over entire roof of the hospital which provides complete lightning to the hospital throughout the day. This reduces the electricity bill for hospital management people.

Rooftop Solar for Hospitals
Hospitals both in urban and rural areas consume a lot of energy throughout the day as they require uninterrupted power for electrical equipment to treat patients.

Most of the hospitals have considerable unused rooftop space. Due to lack of power and rising cost of diesel, rooftop solar power makes a compelling case for implementation in hospital. There are several advantages but also several constraints that need to be considered when deciding on and designing a rooftop solar power system for a hospital.

  •  Hospitals that utilize solar PV panels will be able to save some money every year since they will be cutting the costs on their electricity bills.
  •   If hospital generates excess electricity they can sell the excess amount to their local grid and earn cash towards providing better services.
  •  Backup generators that would power hospitals in the event of a power cut are noisy and produce off harmful fumes. Solar PV panels, however, are noise and pollution free which is more in keeping with the intended peaceful and healthy environment of a hospital.
  • A solar plant requires very little maintenance from the energy consumer.
  •  Solar Power Plants are cost effective.
  •  Solar panels have zero emissions.

  • The capacity of the solar plant that can be installed in a hospital may be constrained by lack of sufficient shadow-free rooftop space.
  •  Solar power is generated only during the daytime on non-rainy days.
  • The output of the solar plant varies as the sun moves across the sky and as clouds move across the sun.
  • If the hospital experiences load shedding in night time then the solar power may not help diesel consumption.

Images of solar panels installed on Katti Hospital



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