The service provided by SOLAR CORONA Energy has been excellent throughout this project. Their project delivery was well thought out and integrated seamlessly on time with professionalism and attention to detail. 
Bought 25 kWp
- Mr. MruthyunjayaOZONE MARKETING
"Working with SOLAR CORONA on our Solar project was a great success and they have a good team of people right from when the initial consultation starts, through the design process, project sign off and installation on site. I would be more than happy to work with SOLAR CORONA again on another project in the near future." 
Bought 1000kWp
SOLAR CORONA ENERGY worked hard before the project to come up with a solution that met our requirements.

The team was keen to have PV as a showcase for renewable energy technologies and we were really pleased that they helped us find a solution which enabled this installation to run smoothly. 

The team was helpful and efficient throughout the install and they also commissioned a display that informs the young people visiting us about the energy savings to improve their understanding of sustainability.
Bought 14 kWp
- The Smart School
We would like to thank M/S Solar Corona Energy Pvt Ltd. and its team of engineers for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 100 kwp solar photo-voltaic Roof top grid Connected / Tied power panels.

The work has been done to our satisfaction at our premises (M/S Hi-Life Labels, Tirupur - 85 kwp) and also at our associated concern's premises (M/S Design Plus Plus, Karur - 15 kwp). Power production has commented and sychronised with EB grid and generator successfully.

We appreciate the technical expertise of M/S Solar Corona Energy Pvt Ltd and would like to endorse them for such installations in the future. We wish them all success in the future.
Bought 100 kWp
- Mr. MahendranHI LIFE LABELS
The installation process was very good indeed. I've been impressed with SOLAR CORNA ENERGY performance throughout and the people working for them did their jobs brilliantly.

They didn't interrupt our business, their health & safety practices were really appreciable as they had installed modules on high raised asbestos sheet sheds.

I would recommend them to any other company considering solar for their business to cut costs and reduce their carbon emissions.
Bought 500 kWp
The PV system installed by Solar Corona Energy has exceeded our expectations in terms of the electricity savings we'd originally calculated so we're really happy with how it's performing.

Having this system in place helps to ensure we can carry on making savings year-on-year, and allows us to be proud of our 'Greener Arena' status as an eco-friendly venue.
Bought 200kWp
- Shashikala Nadagoudar
Solar Corona Energy offered me first class service, their staff was professional and knowledgeable, disruption was minimal and the team genuinely showed an understanding and how to best meet our needs" and I have also given them Annual Maintenance Contract job.
Bought 13 kWp
-Lt. Col. Jacob Thomas


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